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Note first: The k.Soimple said «regrets the Greeks.» Our regrets as Greeks do not have, he said, the government would suit us … The k.Soimple is the same person who a few days ago the k.Varoufakis said (interview with German newspaper «Stern») that «it is perhaps the only European politician with spiritual essence «…
Note 2: The Greek people probably will not get the permission of k.Soimple if you have government SYRIZA, ND, PASOK, or the Party Hunters. It is a matter of judgment and Greek people. Which has no obligation to call into adopting «spiritual persons» type Schaeuble. The «pity of» so the k.Soimple to keep her for himself. As for the Greek people, it has an obligation, is this: To consider the need to disengage from the kind of «prostitution» and «alliances» in which Greece is involved. And composed of «allies», «friends» and «spiritual figures» with insolent behavior and Schauble type interventions.

Note 3: Following what occurred in prochtesino «Eurogroup», in this arena of extortioners, terrorists, pressures and ultimatums, added another safe proof: In this «Colosseum», where reigns the «law» and the impudence of the powerful, there is no room for «equitable» and «democratic» negotiation. In Colosseum question was never what you’ll win. We have identified and will repeat: The Colosseum at most – much we can hope is to fight for what pieces of your flesh will salvage. We have identified and will repeat it: Another route to a dominant Greece and a people with prosperity and dignity throughout there is the road of rupture and the exit from the EU in terms of overturning the entire system of domination of monopolies.

Observation 4: Simultaneously with overtly coercive and telesigrafiki behavior «partners» from prochtesino «Eurogroup» arose another fact: There was the statement of k.Varoufaki he was ready and happy to sign a draft resolution presented by Mr of. Moskovisi, the Commissioner of the European Commission. In this called and «final draft Moskovisi» read (,Pio_konta_stis_ellhnikes_8eseis_to_prosx.html) to speak of “extension of this loan agreement …”. But this loan agreement, the extension of which was ready and happy to sign the k.Varoufakis and the extension of which is expected to formally ask the government today, are:

a) The loan agreement by which Greece is under English law, by which the Greek people have been deprived of any immunity of assets.
b) the loan agreement on page 59, paragraph 8, unequivocally states: «The availability of this Facility Agreement depends on Greece’s compliance with the measures set out in the Memorandum …».

Based on these famous words «instruments», for which so much fuss is made, the MoU and the loan agreement are «two different things», like yesterday claimed the k.Tsipras. It is – in contrast – the two sides of the same coin. And if so then nothing «happy» does not portend a government signing for expansion.
Observation 5: Then what we saw in «Eurogroup» and those who will follow what you emerge from the next and from all negotiations, let’s keep it as an amulet to orminia the great grandfather of literature and popular struggles, Kostas Varnali:
«From jackals no avoiding it
greetings and begging »

Let’s keep and teaching, his chilioepivevaiomeni the long history of this people:
«And (…) If you is what you pit
very depths,
debt with your hands
get up

Postscript: Gentle Man k.Prokopis Pavlopoulos, with scientific adequacy of the most democratic elements of the space. These by one. On the other hand, with so many «yes» the last three years (Memorandum, Loan, Medium Term, Efarmostikoi, polynomoschedio) is also exactly what we would call «anti-memorandum». E? Wrong?