When I want someone, I understand the importance to me what he does, what he likes or what hurts him. This means I want, therefore, care about you, and I love you means: I care too much. So much so that sometimes, when I love you, I put it to you you well over other things that are also important to me.
This definition (that cares about you) does not turn love into something very big, but neither reduces the value of making it seem a nonsense.
Will lead to, for example, in full awareness of two facts: it is not true that those who love you do not care much about your life, and it is true that those who love you live addicted Date your case.
I repeat: if you really love me, care about me … !!!
This means, therefore, – as though it hurts me to admit it – that if you do not care about me, why are not you love me. This is not bad, it says something bad about you not love me, it’s just the reality, even though it is a sad reality (as the song goes of Serratia: Never be the sad truth, there is simply no alternative . rather understand that this is just sad: that is not otherwise).
Differentiation I do – and that is only quantitative – between want and love is the same as is with most fond expressions we use not to say I love you. We say: mareseis, I find nice, I feel affection for you, you are my inspiration, I have loving feelings for you, etc.
Can I do a lot of things to say to you, to show you, to prove thee, to confirm or support that I love you, but only one thing I can do with my love, and that is to love you, playing with you, to manifest my feelings like I feel. And how I feel is my way to love you.
You can accept or can reject it, you can understand what it means or you can ignore it completely. But this is my way I love you, I have no other.
Everyone has only one way to love: his own. If someone does not like sagapaei would like to sagapisei, this does not mean sagapaei with all the strength of his soul …
Excerpt from the book by Jorge Bucay «The Way of Meeting» Publications OPERA