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Last five years we lived with the famous hymn if «will come the dose or the dose will come.» On the territory of the type … «deception» “evolve the company social terror. Terrorizing each time starting from «what if it does not come us getting the dose» and every time lead to new sacrifices should be made again and again by the Greek people.
The sacrifices, as we were saying the ruling was «necessary» to not suffer what the people – eventually – happened! And suffered not because they did not come, but because they just came installments of loans! Loans, as confessed everyone, from Olli Rehn until Juncker and the Regklingk to members of the IMF Board, lenders and the «troika» (now «institutions») awarding them to save their own , German, French and all nationalities banks. What remains, not for the Greek people of these loans is to pay interest through the cuts in wages, pensions and rights.

Today rumors of the imminent “financing gap” returns. Will come or not come dose of 7.2 bn. Euros (but the government said that it wants …). And if you come we will repay its debts to the IMF and ECB which «must» be paying off. But: Why «must» to repay the people debts for loans went to Franco-German banks? …
The new government, already with Legislative Act Content puts a hand in the funds available to make repayments of earlier loans, claims that new transactions will not be matched with new austerity. But at the same time all the information talk about an «honorable compromise» .What kind of «honesty», however, is that includes from continuing touxepoulimatos of public assets (again in the name of debt repayment) to «suspend» and even the «Programme of Thessaloniki»? …

The new government says it is negotiating without departing from those Herms “red lines” that for five years became a joke in the mouth any caught them in their mouths. But truth: A deal that starts from that 70% of the Memorandum is good, a derogation?
Mr. Tsipras at his meeting with Mrs. Merkel talking about the direction of government policy said that «therefore, the conclusion should come out is that you should not tear down what was good …» the previous period. Really, though: In the previous «mnimoniaki» period they were also «positive»? We even «should not (s) tear down»? And what are these «positive» for which up to the elections we had not heard anything from SYRIZA?
At the same meeting, Mr. Tsipras instead of «subversion» of the last five years policy, what this time set itself the objective was «to change – as he said – the policy mix.» But the «bridge» from the promised «political subversion» in the «climate policy mix», there is an exception?
Regardless of the composition of the negotiating team of the upgrade or downgrade of Varoufakis (another telly this …) the political conception of these negotiations has been formulated by the prime minister. As Greece says k.Tsipras, committed partners that will «complete the process of fiscal adjustment …». But this was the request of the Greek people in the elections? SYRIZA promised «integration» of the so-called fiscal adjustment ftochopoiise and destroyed the people or the cancellation and the cancellation of this «adjustment»?

In every case that we already know is that the dose of work force «what had John (with Stournara) I had everything (to Varoufakis).» What we know is that extortion, threats, insults Schauble, but and the political line of the internal «fifth column» – the same position from which governmental traded since 2010 the «Memorandum or tanks» – occur on a ground that k.Tsipras the election described thus: «The position of Greece in the EU not disputed “…
This land, which undermines any hope of Greek people for improvement of the life, the new Greek government accepted this impressively with the signature on February 20 when he stated that «the Greek authorities reiterate their unequivocal commitment to honor their loan obligations to all creditors, fully and on time. »

The remainder is accurate and thousands times played, everyday phenomenon that k.Soimple and «Schäuble» in general, whether they are called Ntaiselmploum either Schultz or Thomsen, whether Draghi, without other pretexts and others with «elegance» demonstrate an attitude Itami in Greece and its people. Threats, extortion, suggestions on the agenda. But the issue is not whether to continue recording or domestic disapproval of this behavior.
The issue is much more the power and wrestling matches to raise or nationalist reflex type within the country, on one or result in the resignation of the people of his own by accepting the «realism» of capitulation with the powerful Germany and rest of Brussels – as they wish various «cosmopolitans» of submission.


The issue was and is one: The exemption of the place and its people from such blackmail. But for this to happen there is no other way but one: The road forming conditions (in Greece and abroad) for liberation of the country from those binding (and accepted by the government) frameworks that shape the conditions of blackmail.
Such is only the way of organized, planned and tenacious conflict with the interests of capital (Greek, German, French and Congolese …), not baptized “honorable compromise” crumbs or whenever new sacrifices of the people. But such a thing a government that seeks not to overthrow but the «change of the mixture» of the same policy, nor negotiates abroad, nor – of course – the deals inside.